Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Mistake!!!

Most everybody who knows me, knows that my main man is a Structural Engineer. Most days he is "normal" but there are the few days (like this past weekend) that really get me wondering!
We moved into Gulf Breeze, and this new house on September 13th, 2008. Our previous house came fully furnished so we didn't have to worry about money lost on furniture. But me being me I didn't discard my old furniture, just bits and pieces that needed to go. So, we moved in and the kids got their rooms set up first. What any mother would do, right? Well, 3 months have gone by and I was tired of sleeping on a matterss on the floor.
I approached Neil on Friday evening, mentioning briefly our need to set up our bed. The only thing holding us back was a box spring. Easy enough, right? Let's go buy one. Well, he got up Saturday morning and said he was going to run errands and go to Lowe's. I thought he had forgotten! Well, he didn't!!!!!
He came home with a car full of lumber. As he and the kids unloaded the car and piled all this wood on the floor of my room, I couldn't help but scratch my head! Then he joyfully announces he is going to build a box spring. I never doubted that he could do it, I only wondered if it was practical. Wouldn't you?
I left him alone with his project. About 30 minutes later he comes to me annoucing that he has done it! I didn't know what to think...
The bed is now set up and very comfortable but you gotta see how this came out....