Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our trip today

Today we went to the National museum of Naval Avaition in Pensacola. We went over a single lane bridge to enter the base and this scary monstrous looking guy checked my ID in order for us to get through the gate. Once on the base I was shocked at how awesome it looked. As we entered there was a replica of the blue angels plane and right after that a huge golf course. The landscaping was clean cut and the grass was very green (unlike my yard). LOL! We saw many people in uniform walking around. Right before we hit the entrance to the museum there were rows and rows of falling soldiers (cemetary). Emillie asked if those were the dead people who protect her rights to live. I chuckled and responded yes those men and women sacrificed theirs lives so we can live with the many priviledges we have as American citizens. This was the outside exhibit of a huge jet. I begged a nice man to take this picture for me. He didn't mind, he actually took a couple. But, this picture was my favorite. I have very little pictures of us as a family, due to the fact that I am always taking the pictures. We were so excited to finally have a family picture. As we walked inside the museum we saw many many planes, jets and other aircarft related exhibits. The kids liked the fact that most of the museum was hands-on. I liked the fact that there is sooo much history in such a samll space. A tour guide went on to explain to us that all the aircraft in that museum were all originals except one. This plane is a replica of the original. He continued by explaining that all the models were either donated or recovered. The recovered ones were found and restored. Some crashed and some were just in bad shape. So, after a whole lot of restoration and painting they were finally able to put them on display. Some were hung off the ceiling and some were secured to the floor. The kids got to climb inside some planes and touch other ones. The pictures speak for themselves on how much fun they had. Even Neil and i joined in the fun! George got the most kick out of pushing all the buttons inside the cockpit. He had to sit there and try to figure out which button was for which function. Emillie tried all the hands-on fun. She even enjoyed sitting in the rescue basket for the coast guard. (As Pictured)Derrek is more interested in reading all that he can. He especailly loved the button the said "pull for air" inside the cockpit. Neil just can't sit back and watch them have fun. Nope! He is my biggest kid. He joined in the fun by pressing all the buttons and even making sound effects to piloting and radios. HAHA! All and all we had a great afternoon. This is a trip we will definetly make again! (Pictured is George (6), Emillie (9) and Derrek (7) they were inside the nose of a plane sliding down the front and kicking eachother out so they could go it alone.) Look at their happy smiles. Even Derrek looks great in this picture.