Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Hey everyone,
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So here is an assignment I had for one of my swaps... I thought you might get a kick out of!

Think of something really cool to send to your really, really cool and expensive and hard to mail. Once partners are assigned, sometime before the send date, send your partner a Private Message explaining what you were going to send, and why you couldn't send it. Come up with the most elaborate, off-the-wall, ridiculous, nonsensical excuses possible. Ratings are based on whether you received an excuse or not, and hearts can be given for overall entertainment value.

Here is what I wrote:

I had a leprechaun imported from Ireland just for you.
I had to corrupt customs to get it to me, because mystical creatures are so rare nowadays and it did cost me a fortune to get a visa for it.
So I finally did had him here to send to you: the leprchaun, a special travel bin and the travel papers and guess what happened?
The leprechan, I expected to mail to you yesterday, just chanted out some sort of faerie language and started beaming through his rainbow to spread “lucky“ to everyone but us. :-(
I couldn't believe my eyes!!! He cured my cousin of Scleroderma, gave my sister a baby girl, blessed my best friend with a house and huge backyard and then took off somewhere else.
So I'm very sorry, that I can't send you the leprechaun. He is just to fast for me! I hope you'll forgive me.
All the best!