Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meet Dallas

So, sorry I have not been bloggin'. I have been sick with the stomach bug. Then after I got over that the doctor put me on some meds that upset my stomach even more! Ouch!!!!

But anyways, on for my good news!

Neil has always had a soft spot for dogs and especially Chocolate Labs. So, to our surprise the Pensacola Humane Society had a 6 month old Chocolate Lab. His name is Dallas! He is a playful and energetic puppy. But the best way to describe him is SPASTIC!!! He is all over the place. Here, there and everywhere!!! After about 30 minutes of Emillie and I playing with him, I couldn't possibly leave him behind. Could you?

Without further ado.... Meet our newest member of the family. We will keep his name Dallas. He seems to love everyone but he has found a special place in Neil's heart already! They went shopping at Petsmart to buy some essentials! $188.66 later I think we got most everything from toys to food and dishes, this dog is already spoiled!


di said...

Congrats on your newest member - my sister has a choc lab also - and he is the sweetest - although - spastic too!

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful and you should be commended for taking him and giving him a loving home!