Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I got my first 5 pieces back from Tina Swain and I was absolutely blown away! Take a peek!!!

My new project:

So, I was inspired yet again... A friend of mine is altering a puzzle. And I thought what a great idea!!! I wish to frame it, when it is done. Then hang it on the wall of my studio. The only problem is ....I went digging for a puzzle that maybe the kids don't use anymore.Guess what!?! The only one with all its pieces is a 48 piece JumboFloor puzzle. Holy Cow!So, I am asking if anyone wants to decorate a piece of that puzzle forme! I have some people doing a piece for me. But that still leaves the problem of what to do with the other pieces! I will mail you a piece from the puzzle and you can choose which (from the list below) you wish to use for the theme!Email me if you wish to take part in this, with your name, address and what theme you wish to do!

1. Asain

2. fairies

3. flowers

4. blue and black

5. green and purple

6. red and black

7. 8. 9. 10. chinese characters

11. 12. 13. 14. panda


Thanks in advance



Mary R. said...

Amanda, do you want to send me a few to art up and what would you like for me to art it up with or d you care I would love to do 5 peices if you have and other exters and do these all inter lock together?? Mary Redford